Wecho amplifies the voice of women who have chosen the mountains as the backdrop to their life, work, and personal evolution. We want their voices to be heard, loud and clear, all the way to cities and at the heart of Europe.

Wecho strives to amplify the voice of mountain women’s communities so it can be heard throughout Europe. We want to strengthen women’s impact on public interest decisions and highlight how important it is to include a gender perspective in local and community-level policies. We aim to do so by collecting testimonials about what being a woman and living in the mountains means today, about women’s aspirations and the changes they desire for themselves and their communities.

The copy, recordings and video content we receive will all be cataloged and made available on Nuvolar, the Nuto Revelli Foundation’s digital archive, in a section dedicated to female resistance and contemporary history.

We speak to women of all ages, religious beliefs and nationalities, who have a special relationship with the mountains: because that’s where they were born, decided to carry out work or life projects, or imagine their future. We look for women who, with a proactive attitude, want to share their dreams, needs and vision for a change that can have a positive impact on the communities they belong to. We echo their voices and will allow them to be heard all the way to the heart of Europe.

Wecho was prompted by the observation that social inequalities are on the rise, both in cities and in the mountains. By bringing new value to women’s communities, the project aims to contribute to the social wellbeing of all the people engaged. The mountains can provide space and a breath of fresh air to inclusive, artistic, caring and community-oriented women’s endeavors – but for this to be possible, we must make these territories even more welcoming and appropriate for the people who live here. We wish to create a fertile ground for a transition towards development models that are more sustainable for both people and the ecosystem – and, to achieve this goal, we need to boost concrete actions for mountain people.

The ‌Nuto‌ ‌Revelli‌ Foundation (Fondazione Nuto Revelli Onlus) is an Italian cultural organization founded in Cuneo in 2006 to enhance the research conducted by ‌Nuto‌ ‌Revelli‌, who was a writer, a partisan and a researcher of farmer memories.‌

The Foundation preserves one of the most important oral history archives in Italy, with thousands of hours of audio recordings, letters and photographs about the Second World War, the Italian Resistance, the experience of Alpine troupes in Russia, and rural and farming culture.

‌The Foundation promotes historical awareness, democracy, civil commitment and sustainability as its main values. The principle at the core of its work is impact culture, i.e. the design and implementation of cultural activities that engage the people living in the territories they focus on. This approach is best embodied in the project to bring life back to the Alpine hamlet of ‌Paraloup‌ ‌(near ‌Rittana,‌ ‌Cuneo), ‌which the Nuto‌ ‌Revelli‌ Foundation has renovated in the past 10 years, and which today is home to various cultural projects as well as the “Anello Forte” workshop, dedicated to women’s memories.

Wecho is a project by the Nuto Revelli Foundation, carried out in collaboration with Coordinamento Donne di Montagna and YWCA-UCDG Italia, funded by the European Cultural Foundation with support from Propositi di filosofia and Nuvolar srl.

For more information, please email us at anelloforte@nutorevelli.org

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